Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knit Along: Stirrup Socks from Purl Soho - DONE!

It’s a pity these will probably never get worn on bare legs because they are so incredibly soft and comfortable.  Fiber leg hugs all done up in resplendent purple.  Tuck these inside my pair of happy polka-dotted rain boots, and the weather simply will not be able to get me down.  Even Bella the diva dog thinks they’re grand, as you can see.
Long-legged gal that I am, I wisely added an inch to their length so they’d reach almost to my knees.  It proved a valuable modification.  Also, I think color is an important consideration in these.  They need to be in bright colors, even if a creamy white seems doable.  They require an element of cheer in these for them to do their job.  I might cave for a fuzzy winter-white mohair, but it’d take a lot of convincing.
Rainboots are a must where my daughter goes to college, so these would make a superb gift for her fall or springtime wardrobe.  Nice thought, but she’s not getting mine.
This is your last chance to comment and enter the drawing for the Purl Soho “P” totebag, so chime in!
Next up?  Knitty City’s fun, curly ruffle scarf.
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